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BNB Breeze Team Culture.

BNB Breeze is dedicated to creating a work environment that values each one of our team members and their contributions to the company with a goal to foster team members to thrive in what they do, embrace our excitement for the industry, and ultimately assists guests with experience driven vacations they will never forget! Efforts are consistently made to align ourselves with that goal. With so many remote team members, it can be easy to feel alone on an island of work. In direct combat of that, we work to ensure our team is collectively on board with new ideas, company goals, and individual KPIS. We also enjoy spending time with each other doing things like:

Team Outings

Working in the BNB Breeze Office

Attending Conferences

Meet our amazing team.
Landon Schlabach CEO / Founder

Meet our founder, Landon Schlabach. He has a beautiful wife named Kelsey, and three adorable boys, Bodhi, Kyler and Zeke. Landon is always moving with creative new ideas and taking on any opportunity placed in front of him. These four help to keep him grounded on his endless endeavors. Landon started BNBBreeze back in 2018 and continues to move forward tirelessly with new ideas every day! Now he handles acquisitions and oversight of BNB Breeze. 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Living The Dream - "Cause who doesn’t Love swings at there dining table, or a Putting Green in the back yard :)"

Heather Schlabach COO / Co-owner

Heather is in charge of onboarding/staging new properties, overseeing operations, and acts as the integrator to Landon's visionary status. She travels consistently, sometimes for work and sometimes for pleasure. Heather’s insight to interior design and experience with short term rentals gives her the perfect platform to set up new homes with unique, beautiful style that guests love. It’s arguably her favorite part of her job;)

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: The GreenCreek Shipyard 2.0 - "Guys it has a waterfall!"  

AJ Raber / CTO 

Aj got thrown into all kinds of work when he first came on board and handled it all with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning. Currently, he is operating as our Chief Technology Office. Him and Landon are two peas in a pod. We are grateful to have his insight and enthusiasm on the BNBBreeze team.

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Happy Harbor - "You can get lost exploring the house. Plenty of places for hide and seek and fun games. Even comes with a secret door leading to the game room!"

Barb Witbeck / Cleaning Relations Manager

Barb was one of the very first team members of BNBBreeze. Meaning she has put up with Landon and his antics for quite some time:) What a blessing she is! Barb helps with the onboarding of all new cleaners and is their point of contact for any restocking needs or maintenance issues. By now she knows most of the homes in our portfolio quite well and has incredible relations with all of our cleaners. It’s hard to say all she does but keeping our properties well stocked and cleaners happy is a tall order that she has taken on head first!

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Cabin on the River - “Perfect little private, romantic getaway by the river.”

Evangeline Stoltzfus / Accountant

We have known Evangeline since we were just young kiddos when she was our dads secretary. So having her on the BNBBreeze team is somewhat surreal. Vange joined BNBBreeze when Landon was neck deep in accounting chaos. Way back at the beginning of the company. Her detail oriented personality and super human organization skills helped clean that right up. She continues to try and keep us in line despite our determination to stray:) We treasure having a long time friend and confidant a part of the team!

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Bearded Oaks - “Great outdoor porch and pool area.”

Mandy Troyer / Accountant

It seems keeping our spending in line takes not one but two people :) Mandy joined the team to wield her QuickBooks knowledge over us and we could not be more grateful for her bottomless pit of knowledge! She catches all the details we tend to miss and it’s great having her a part of the team.

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Smoky Mountain Barndominium - “Went for a visit and the kids did not want to go home!”

Kimberly Raber / Executive Administrator

From updating photos captions to implementing a new listing description protocol, Kim does it all! It is incredibly handy to have her available to help us out with all of the tasks we simply do not have time for. She tackles them all with relentless enthusiasm and lightning quick speed; all while still maintaining all the necessary details! We are beyond grateful she has lent us her expertise and love having her a part of the team! 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property:Sapphire Shores - “Combined luxury and a short drive to Siesta Key Beach, and you get this incredible home nestled off of the water with TWO bars and an espresso machine! Count me in.”

Trinity Derkach/ Listing Optimization

Over the years, we have learned a few “tricks” with the different OTA platforms we use. Keeping up with our listings, following new trends, and continuing updating properties across multiple platforms became a task we could not keep up with ourselves. Trinity stepped in to help us out! She handles all of the listing optimization and helps us to stay at the top of the search lists of various platforms.

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Chesapeake Point - "This home is truly a breath of fresh air! Waterfront with access to a dock and an amazing view, it's easy to imagine spending time here during the Spring season!"

Elizabeth Randall / Maintenance Manager

You know what’s a bummer? Showing up to a home with broken items… Whether it’s a failing A/C unit, TV that won’t turn on, or door handle that does not open. Elizabeth oversees all aspects of maintenance-related scheduling, reporting, and oversight. With a focus on proactive maintenance, the manager ensures that our properties are always in prime shape, ready to welcome guests and homeowners. 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property:Langford Creek - “Super modern but feels cozy and not crazy large like some homes.”

Eugene Miller / Direct Bookings Manager

Some guests prefer to book directly with a phone call instead of using any of the available booking platforms. We wanted to make sure we were accommodating these individuals and brought Eugene on board to help with that! Eugene is a childhood friend and does an incredible job at handling all of our direct bookings. He absolutely loves when Aj runs a Busy Beaver ad without letting him know first:) His phone rings off the hook, with no warning at all.

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Veazy Cove - “It has everything!”

Alexander Zapata / Communications Team

We quickly learned that guest communication is one of the most important aspects of a good guest experience!  Alex is a part of the team that makes helpful and responses happen in a timely manner for each and every guest. He noted that he enjoyed ensuring guests that we are not just a business but also looking after their comfort and delightful stay. He loves taking on challenges and most especially the ones that are near impossible! On his days off, he won't be at home, he will be out fishing!

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Veazy Cove "As I am a water lover, I'd like to be near the ocean, preferably this property has access to hunt for Mangrove Jacks"

Chyrch Mendoza / Communications Team

Chyrch is another member of our communication team! His background is in the hospitality industry and is helpful in working with all of our BNBBreeze guests. He worked with excellence and keen attention to detail to identify insights for clients in the hotel and restaurant industry for more than 10 years, and is applying all he learned in his communications with each and every guest now. 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Sea Esta - “A home located in the Arlington Park neighborhood and close to all of Sarasota's best spots."

April Maries Yee / Communications Team

Being one of BNBbreeze's communicators, she works to make sure friendly service is provided to all guests and she is committed to providing excellent guest relations. We enjoy having her a part of the team!

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Grandview Lodge: "Great looking spot to unwind with loved ones while savoring the nature vibe!"

Marnell Ferry / Communications Team

Marnell is another comms team member. He has experience in the BPO industry for almost 2 decades. He works to follow processes in place in order to achieve the standard of excellent customer service, and is always ready to think out of the box when needed. His experience in sales also gives him a clear perspective on how to present the services his company represents.

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Rustic Pines"Looks like a very peaceful and quiet place to relax and it's pet friendly so folks can bring their fur buddies."

Maria Locop/ Communications Team

We were excited to have Maria join our communications team! She is the final member of this five person team. She is a believer that anyone has the ability to learn to do anything. She sees every challenge as an opportunity to become better personally and professionally. 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Boulder Field Lodge "Great Sunsets!"

Bonita Hershberger/ Supply Assistant

There is a lot that goes into prepping a short term rental for a guest. A huge part of that is keeping the property well stocked with usual household items like toilet paper, paper towels, etc. In addition to restocking supplies, there are often household items that break or wear out and need replaced. In order to keep all of our homes in the best shape possible, we need all the help we can get keeping those items carefully resupplied and ready for the next guest! Bonita helps us do all of that: )

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: The Toasted Marshmallow - "It looks like a hobbit home!"

Lizzy Sommers / Home Inspector

Showing up to a rental that is worn down or has broken amenities is rather disappointing. Lizzy makes sure that doesn't happen! She is the inspector for all of our FL properties. Her team includes her young girls, Finley and Quinn, who go with her to the properties and make sure to check off every item on our inspection list so that the home is looking as incredible as it can for each and every guest! 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property: Sea Gem - Love that it is right on the canal!

Trevor Graber / Revenue Management

With competition as fierce as it is, we learned that a dynamic pricing tool was not going to be enough to ensure we were staying on top of the different pricing variables for each property we manage. So we hired someone with the knowledge and experience needed to help! Trevor does a fantastic job of staying on top of revenue management for BNB Breeze and making sure the properties we manage are performing at top level. 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property:  Teton Valley Retreat - "Teton Valley Retreat is a cozy cabin near one of the most beautiful places in America!" 

TBD/ Administrator 

The amount of office tasks required to keep the company running is extensive! Currently looking for someone to fill this role. 

TBD/ Reservation Specialist

Guests are a top priority! We are always looking for new help to assist in ensuring they have wonderful experiences at each of our properties. 

Jessica Yoder / Reservation Specialist

We work extremely hard to give each guest an incredible rental experience! We realize these vacations are important to them and we want to make sure the time they have taken to enjoy together is special. Jessica's full time job it to ensure that is the case for every guest that walks into a BNB Breeze property! 

Favorite BNBBreeze Rental Property:  Veazey Cove - "Love that it is near the water but also has a beautiful outdoor area with a pool."