About Us

Founder's Note 

Hi there, my name is Landon! I am a husband to a wonderful lady named Kelsey, and we have three amazing sons, Bodhi, Kyler, & Zeke. I love brainstorming with like-minded entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about new opportunities, just like me. I like to make things happen! Which is why I love what I do.

Currently, I am helping homeowners from across the country manage their Short Term Rentals (STRs) and welcome guests into their 2nd, 3rd, 4th... etc. homes through BNB Breeze. We are a hands-on hospitality management company that mostly handles STR listings and the logistical work that goes into managing these properties. Showcasing these homes to look their best and bring in higher returns for investors is just a small part of what I do.

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BNB Breeze Vision

To procure the highest level of ROI for STR investors while giving guests incredible experience driven vacations! 


Life Giving


How it all began.

Just three months before my first son was born, I decided it was a great time to quit my job at a furniture store and jump into real estate. I began flipping homes and learned rather quickly it's not as easy to turn a profit as they make it seem on TV. But I was not discouraged because I loved the freedom and invigoration that working for myself brought to me. I began exploring the STR world and started training myself on the industry through online programs, books, and more. Then I looked for opportunities and boy did I find it! A single apartment in downtown Greenville, SC appeared to be struggling on the Airbnb platform that I found it on. I reached out to the owners for an opportunity to show them what I could do. I threw myself into making that apartment the best short term rental it could be! The 1st month after taking over the property went from $440 in April (owners doing it themselves) to $4,400 with our services. Then I reached out to some friends, now business partners, about doing the same for their cabin up in PA. We had similar results. That's when things really took off! Five years later, we manage over 80 properties across 14 different states with a team of 15 people! Check out our team HERE. I have been so incredible blessed to see what God has done with BNBbreeze. See the WHAT WE OFFER page to learn more about what we do.



People do not want to go on vacation to stay at their own home somewhere else. They also do not want to go on vacation and stay at your home somewhere else. They want to go on vacation and stay at a destination designed just for them to enjoy! They want to experience something special. BNBBreeze has made it a goal to provide guests with beautiful, unique, experience driven vacations!

Heather Schlabach 

The STR world is currently saturated with homes. It's true anyone can throw up their secondary home or apartment on a user friendly platform like airbnb and maybe make a few bucks. But that's not what we do. To win the STR game, you need to create destination spaces! An abundance of amenities, unique features, and character is what a property needs to grab guests attention and provide them with the kind of vacation rental experience they desire! So that's what we encourage investors to do. But we do not encourage this on a whim, we've tested it! With our own skin in the game, we've decked our several properties to showcase what a unique, eye catching rental can really do! If you want to truly win at the STR rental game, you gotta go all in:) See the WHAT WE OFFER page to learn more about what we do. 

Personal Property in Sarasota, FL                    

Swings at the Dining Room Table

Outdoor Putting Green

Real Moss Wall in the Living Room

The Green Creek Shipyard 

We embraced the unique stays and designed and built out a shipping container rental! 

The Green Creek Shipyard 2.0 

The first container rental did so good that we immediately built out a second! 

BNB Breeze 

We love what we do! - Managing rental properties for homeowners and assisting in the creation of experience driven vacations for each of our guests.