Terms & Conditions

1. Guests. Guest acknowledges that they understand and accept the terms and
conditions of this Agreement and those terms and conditions on any applicable
OTA. Guest acknowledges that they are both the principal for themselves and
aagreement. It is the duty of the Guest to publish the terms of this agreement to all
the agent for all persons using the rental property under the terms of this
agreement. It is the duty of the Guest to publish the terms of this agreement to all
persons who will use the property leased under the terms of this agreement.

2. No Smoking - Any evidence of smoking inside the home will result in cleaning
and mitigation services resulting in a minimum charge of $250. Any outside
smoking debris must be thoroughly extinguished, picked up, and disposed of.

3. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time and CHECK-OUT IS 10:00
A.M. Eastern Time – In some instances, access to the Property may be
unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance issues. There will be no
discounts or late check-out offered due to a late check-in. Your patience is
appreciated in these circumstances. Prompt check-out is required by 10:00
a.m. Later check out without approval will result in a $50 per 15-minute fine.

4. PARKING – Parking is allowed in your designated area ONLY. Specific
properties have vehicle restrictions with regard to the number of cars allowed,
boats, trailers, RVs, etc. Please ask about allowed parking for your
accommodations, especially if you are taking a multi-family vacation, traveling
with a trailer, or will be parking more than two vehicles at your vacation residence
at any time during your stay.

5. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – The maximum number of guests varies by property.
The limits are strictly enforced regardless of a person’s age (i.e., an infant is
considered a “child” in the occupancy limits). Eviction will occur if the occupancy
exceeds the maximum unless prior approval has been obtained from Guest
Operator, at Guest Operator’s sole and absolute discretion and for additional
consideration. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Guests and their guests will be
asked to leave if this occurs. No refunds will be made under any circumstances
of eviction.

ALLOWED. Any reservation obtained under false pretense as determined by
Guest Operator will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or
rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in. During the spring
break season, we require one parent for every two persons under the age of
ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED! This policy includes reservations
made by parents who do not check-in, and/or who leave overnight during the
length of the stay. NO EXCEPTIONS!

7. RATES – Rates are unique to each property taking into consideration property
size, amenities, location, demand, and season. Rates are subject to change from
time to time at Guest Operator’s sole discretion without prior notice. Cleaning,
sales tax, reservation fees will be added to all reservations. Some properties
may require minimum night stays and are also subject to change from time to

8. RENTAL PAYMENT – A deposit of 50% of the rental is due at time of booking.
Full rental payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. Deposit payment must be
made by credit card. Balance payments are accepted in the form of credit cards
or personal checks payable to BNB BREEZE. Checks returned for
insufficient funds will be assessed a $75 processing fee plus tax in addition to
charges you might incur from your own financial institution. Rates are subject to
change without notice.

9. REFUNDS – Neither Guest Operator nor Homeowner shall provide refunds for
cancellations. Refunds for cancellations in connection with any reservation (other
than damage deposit less any damages) for any reason shall be controlled by
the OTA policies.

10. CANCELLATIONS – Cancellations are subject to the Cancellation Police of the
OTA under which the property was booked.

11. FORCE MAJEURE – Guest Operator is not required to provide any refund to
Guest if performance under this Agreement is hindered, delayed, or prevented
because of an event that the parties could not have anticipated or controlled, but
may be considered by Guest Operator on a case by case basis.

12. PETS – Pets are only allowed in certain homes as designated on property
listings. Pet fee and pet addendum completion is required prior to arrival along
with proof of valid license. Pets must be crated when left alone at the property
and while on the property all applicable pet laws must be adhered to by Guest.
Any evidence of pets in a pet-prohibited property may result in fines and/or
eviction. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and owners must clean and pick
up all pet hair, dirt, and waste prior to departure. All pets must be properly
licensed and proof thereof provided upon request.

13. AMENITIES – Property amenities, including but not limited to, electronics
devises or appliances are not guaranteed. Repairs will be made as soon as
possible upon notice of failure. No refund or discounts will be made to rental
based upon any failure to operate of any property amenity.

Property during your stay WHEN THEY OCCUR so that we may make
arrangements to repair prior to the next rental.

15. HOUSEKEEPING – Your vacation accommodations will be cleaned to quality
standards prior to your arrival and after your departure. You will be responsible
for the cleaning of your unit during your stay and for leaving the unit in good
condition at check-out. We respectfully request that you remember you are
staying in someone’s home during your vacation; please treat it with the care you
would your own. No daily maid service is provided.

16. LINENS/TOWELS/SUPPLIES – If linens and towels are provided in your rental,
they must remain at the property at the end of Guest’s stay. They may be taken
from the property but must be returned. An initial set up of trash liners, paper
towels, toilet paper, and soap is provided at the Property and additional items
needed are the responsibility of the Guest.

17. ALL PROPERTIES are individually owned and furnished. Do not move the
furniture, take items outside that are a part of the interior decor, or move items
from one property to another. Some properties may have one or more lockers/
closets that are reserved for storage of owner’s property. These lockers/closets
are NOT included in the rental.

18. RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY RULES – Many properties are located in a
residential community. Specific rules and regulations are available upon request.
Please be respectful of the property, neighbors, and area. The following
regulations are acknowledged and understood by the Guest and are enforceable
by agents of Guest Operator, local law enforcement, or local government official:
– For homes, all vehicles must be parked in the driveway and clear of all grassy
areas and sidewalk sections for pedestrian. The maximum number and type of
vehicles varies by property.
– NO EXCESSIVE NOISE AFTER 10:00 P.M. After two warnings have been
given, the Guest Operator and/or local law enforcement official will supervise
eviction. Any and all deposits and remaining rents and fees will be forfeited at the
time of eviction.
– That whomever, without being authorized, licensed, or invited, willfully enters or
remains in the home, or, having been authorized, licensed, or invited is warned
by the Guest Operator to depart the property and refuses to do so, commits the
offense of trespass. This includes any adjacent property.
– Please check the trash collection days for each individual property. For homes,
all trash MUST be placed into the provided trash receptacle outside. Please roll
the can to the end of the driveway with the wheels facing the street no earlier
than 12:00 p.m. the day prior to pick up and return to home location before
midnight of the day of pickup. All garbage (including bathroom trash) must be
removed from property upon check out.
– Any underage drinking or use of illegal drugs on the property will not be
tolerated. Immediate eviction of all persons renting the home will be enforced.
Security deposit and all rents, taxes, and fees will be forfeited.

19. SECURITY OF PERSONAL PROPERTY – Neither Guest Operator nor Property
Owner are responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to
any personal property or for personal items left by guest in the home upon
departure. When possible, we will ship items left by a guest for a minimum
charge of $25, plus shipping costs.

20. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exceptions to the above-mentioned policies
must be explicitly approved by Guest Operator, supported by written
documentation, and signed by Guest Operator in advance.

21. THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT terminates if property suffers fire or other casualty
making the Property inhabitable or if the Property is sold by Owner.

22. DISCLAIMER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY – The undersigned and all
occupants of this Rental acknowledges that the property being leased has an in-
ground swimming pool and hot tub, which may cause an inherent risk including
serious bodily injury or death to the Guest or any occupants of the home. The
Guest hereby accepts the risk of the in-ground swimming pool and specifically
agrees that no minor children shall swim or sit in or near the pool without
continuous supervision. Minor children are defined herein as children under 18
years of age. The Guest, Guest’s family, children, guests, invitees, or licensees
shall use the pool only in a safe and healthy manner and undertake no acts
which might risk injury or death in the use of the pool. The Guest hereby
assumes full control and full responsibility for the use of the in-ground swimming
pool and hot tub for the entire rental period. The undersigned Guest as agent and
principal acknowledges and agrees that the owners or any of his/her agents,
shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or death which
may be suffered by the Guest, Guest’s family, children, guests, invitees,
principals, or licensees or any other person on rental property because of the
rental agreement. It is expressly agreed that all use of rental property shall be
undertaken by them at their own risk and the owner or owner’s agent shall not be
liable for any injuries, death, or any damage to any Guest, Guest’s family,
children, guests, invitees, principals, or licensees or any other person on rental
property because of the rental agreement or be subject to any claim demand,
injury, or damages, whatsoever, including without limitation, those damages
resulting from acts or active or passive negligence on the part of the rental
property owner(s), officers, employees, or agents. Guest on his/her own behalf
and on behalf of his/her personal representative, administrator, heirs, assigns,
and successors, does hereby expressly forever release and discharge the rental
property, its owners, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, assigns, and
successors from all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, or causes
of action. Guest on behalf of his/her principal(s) and their personal
representative, administrators, heirs, assigns and successors does hereby
expressly forever release and discharge the rental property, it’s owners,
shareholders, officers, employees, agents, assigns, and successors from all such
claims, demand, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action. Guest in his/her
personal capacity and as agent for his/her principals releases and holds
harmless the rental property’s owner(s), employees, and agents harmless from,
agrees to indemnify, and assumes all responsibility for, all claims, demands,
injuries, deaths, damages, actions or causes of action to persons or property,
arising out of or connected with the use of the rental property that is the subject
of this agreement. Guest in his/her own personal capacity and/or as agent for
his/her principal(s) acknowledges that he/she has carefully read this paragraph
and fully understands that this is a waiver, release of liability and indemnification

23. ATTORNEY FEES – Should Guest be found in breach of this Agreement or
otherwise be in default, Guest Operator shall be entitled to recover all reasonable
attorney fees, collection expenses, and costs of Court related to said breach or

24. CHOICE OF LAW AND VENUE – This Agreement shall be governed in
accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Venue shall be
exclusive to the State Courts located in the County of Franklin, Pennsylvania and
the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Federal Court. This lease is for a short term
rental and as such, Pennsylvania’s Landlord Tenant Act does not apply, however
the parties agree to permit any small court with territorial jurisdiction over the
property subject to this Agreement for the sole purposes of evictions.

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