What We Offer

Who are we? 

We are a short term rental (STR) management company. 

What do we do? 

Manage the rental of your 2nd, 3rd, 4th... homes across several STR platforms.

How do we do that? 

Start up + List + Manage = Make you $$$ (Description below) 

Start Up 

The STR game can look different for different owners. For example, you may wish to design your own unique STR, you may already have a home that is sitting empty and you’d like to utilize the asset better, or perhaps you want some land to hunt but need to justify the purchase with some cash flow and would like to take advantage of STRs to do so. In any of these instances, we can help. See Staging Your Home below for details on how we can help you set up your rental property. 


In addition to setting up the actual rental page on multiple short term rental platforms, we utilize several third party software programs to help run the management of your listing smoothly. This includes pricing tools, tax remitting, etc. It takes time to get your property listed. If staging a home, we will do this step while waiting on items to be shipped. If listing a home already staged, please note, it does take time for this step to be completed. 


We do try to make the management process as hands free for you as possible. Once we have the property listed, there is not anything for you to do aside from the property maintenance and upkeep. Although we are on the road a lot, our home office is on the right. It's a great space to come back to and get things done!

What we Do

Market your property to thousands of guests on all the big channels such as Airbnb and VRBO. Use tips of the trade to highlight your property on these sites. Dynamic pricing, listing optimization etc. Guest communications. Schedule cleanings, pay the cleaners. Set up, collect, and remit all taxes on the property/Ensue all proper licenses are in place. Home Inspections to ensure that guests have the best experience possible. Assist with scheduling maintenance issues. Reorder supplies. Handle any necessary claims for damages. Send the owner a check once a month.

What we do not do

We do not manage your property - we manage the short term rental of your property. We are not responsible for any utilities, yard maintenance, and general upkeep of the home. While we do assist with small maintenance issues, we do not handle large issues like broken A/C units, etc. We do, however, make regular recommendations to keep your home as guest friendly as possible. For example, if the furniture is starting to wear out, we may recommend replacement of different items. This information is collected by inspections, regular mentions of specific things in reviews, cleaner recommendations, etc.

Making you $$$

BNBBreeze operates on a commission basis. Meaning we will take a certain percentage of all revenue from the rental property. The rest is sent to you each month via direct deposit. It’s a great hands free operation! 

Staging Your Home 

Creating Beautiful Rental Spaces

Staging a home 

This is done separate from our management process. To stage your home, we will work to try and visit the property to get an idea of what we are working with. If that is not possible, we have staged several properties without stepping foot on them. To do so, we work off of photos, blueprints, and walk-through videos. Once we have an idea of the property size and what staging items will be required, we will set a budget for the entire project. Half of that budget is required before the ordering process begins. Once that is received, we will order EVERYTHING needed to set up your home. While waiting on items to be delivered, we will work with you to finalize listing details such as wifi, trash removal, maintenance contacts, etc. Then we will schedule a weekend to set up the entire space in just a few days. We generally use multiple people to help with this step. By the time we leave, the home will be rental ready! Next, we will schedule photos and move on to listing the property. 

We have worked with many guests and have learned what is most desired in an STR home. This helps in the staging process since we know what furnishings/amenities will assist in renting out your property!

We came on board in the early stages of a company called HostGPO. Though them we have connections for discounted furnishings, linens, art, etc. from larger, high quality furnishing companies like Article, Standard Textile, West Elm, and more. 

After staging over 15 homes, we have an entire ordering and staging process nailed down. Having a streamlined staging process is incredible helpful when preparing to furnish a completely empty home. 



Confirm you would like us to stage your property. Review the budget and schedule a walk through or send blueprints, photos, videos.


All furnishings will be ordered and delivered to the home (this step usually takes a month or month and a half). 


We will schedule 3 to 5 days to come and complete the entire set up of your home. By the time we leave, your property will be completely ready to rent!

team members help us during set up weeks! 
Homes We have Staged

Click on the photos to check out the full listing! 

Blue Ridge Mini Lux Retreats

Bethany Beach Breakaway 

Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze 

Bay Bliss Bungalow

Costa Del Rey

Living the Dream

Harbor View Haven 

Just Beachy

Paradise Palms

Sarasota's Sunbeam

Rocky Top

Sapphire Shores

Maplewood Haven

Smoky Mountain Barndominium

Teton Valley Retreat

The Airy Bungalow

The Green Creek Shipyard 2.0

Tryon Mountain Manor